"It is the mission of Harwood Union High School to provide an educational and creative environment in which every person is valued as an individual, challenged as a learner and inspired to contribute to a democratic society. As a professional learning organization of all academic departments, we are prepared to work together in order to provide a unique and personalized learning experience for all students."


- Dec 31 1969 7:00 PM


- Dec 31 1969 7:00 PM

Policies and Procedures

Washington West Supervisory Union & Harwood Union Specific

A1 The Role of Policy

A2 Policy Development and Adoption

A3 Policy Dissemination, Administration and Review

B1 Board Member Education

B2 Board Goal-Setting and Evaluation

B3-R Board Member Conflict of Interest

C1 Board Meeting Agenda Preparation and Distribution

C2 Board Meetings

C2-P Regular Board Meeting Procedures

C3 Public Participation at Board Meetings

C4 School Visits by Board Members

C5 Board Relations with School Personnel

C6-R Notice of Non-Discrimination

C6-P Procedures for Handling Complaints of Discrimination

C8-L School Board Voting Patterns (Harwood Union Only)

C10 Board Standing Committees (Harwood Union Only)

D1 Personnel Recruitment, Selection, Appointment and Criminal Records Check

D1-P Criminal and Abuse Registry Checks in Vermont Schools

D2-R Professional Development

D3 Staffing and Job Descriptions

D4 Educator Supervision and Evaluation: Probationary Teachers

D5 Personnel Files

D6-R Substitute Teachers

D7-R Volunteers and Work Study Students Policy

D7-R-P Volunteers and Work Study Students Procedures

D8-R Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

D9 Resignations

D10 Public Complaints about Personnel

D11-R Drug and Alcohol Testing: Transportation Employees

D12-R Harassment of Employees

D13-R Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance

E1 Fiscal Management and General Financial Accountability

E2 Budgeting

E3 Financial Reports and Statements

E4 Risk Management

E5 Emergency Closings

E6 Safety and Security of School Facilities

E7-R School Crisis Prevention & Response

E7-R-P Procedures for Bomb Threats

E8-L Fundraising (Harwood Union Only)

E8-R Tobacco Prohibition

E8-R-P Procedures for Tobacco Prohibition

E9 Comprehensive HIV Policy for Schools Pre-K-12

E9-P Comprehensive HIV Procedures for Schools Pre-K-12

WARNING of HIV-STI Prevention Policy (Harwood Union Only)

E11 Relating to the Idling of Vehicles other than School Buses when Present on School Premises

E12 Electronic Communications Use and Retention

E12-P Electronic Communications Use and Retention Procedures

E13 Video and Audio Recording on School Buses

E14-L-HUHS Video Surveillance (Harwood Union Only)

F1-R Student Conduct and Discipline

F1-R-P Procedures for Student Conduct

F3 Search, Seizure, and Interrogation of Students by School Personnel

F4 Searches, Seizures, and Interrogation of Students by Law Enforcement Personnel or Other Non-School Personnel

F5-R Education Records

F6 Student Medication

F7-R -HU-L Student Alcohol and Drugs

F7-R-P Procedures for Student Alcohol and Drugs

F9-R Transportation

F10 Student Activities and Interscholastic Sports

F13-L-HU Admission of Resident Students

F14-L-HU Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students

F17 Head Lice

F17-P Head Lice Procedures

F19-R Limited English Proficiency Students

F20-R Prevention of Harassment of Students

F21-R Firearms

F23-R Participation of Home Study Students

F24-R Hazing

F25-R Student Attendance

F26 The Use of Restraint and Seclusion

F27-R Pupil Privacy Rights

F28-L International and Extended Domestic Trips (Harwood Union Only)

F30-R Truancy Policy

F30-R-P Truancy Procedures

F31-R Extended School Year Services

F31-R-P Procedures – Extended School Year Services

F32-R Prevention of Bullying of Students

G1 Curriculum Development & Coordination

G3 Field Trip

G4 Selecting Library Materials

G5 Selection of Instructional Materials

G7 Educational Support System

G8 Local Action Plan

G9-HUHS-L Transcripts and Grading Policy (Harwood Union Only)

G9-HUHS-L Transcripts and Grading Procedures (Harwood Union Only)

G9-R Grade Advancement: Retention, Promotion & Acceleration of Students

G11-R Responsible Use of Electronic Resources and The Internet Policy

G11-R-P Responsible Use of Electronic Resources and The Internet Procedures

G12 Graduation Requirements (Harwood Union Only)

WARNING of G12 Graduation Requirements Policy (Harwood Union Only)

G12-R Title I Comparability Policy

G13-R Animal Dissection

G14-R Class Size Policy

G14-R-P-L-HUHS Class Size Procedures (Harwood Union Only)

G16-L Designation of Facility Space (Harwood Union Only)

H1 School-Community Relations

H2 Parental Involvement

H3 Community Use of School Facilities

H7 Conduct of Student Surveys (Harwood Union Only)